Daily prompt #3: What is the most important thing to carry with you all the time?

What is the most important thing to carry with you all the time?

I mean I carry my bag everywhere, so that’s pretty likely my answer.

Of course, I always have my phone on me. But in my bag you’ll also find my laptop, which can do everything my phone can, everywhere (Jup my phone ran out a couple times and indeed I then proceeded to call people using my laptop in tablet mode xD)

I’m not as phone-dependent as you might think but I am kinda internet-dependent. Or maybe just write-dependent. In my bag there’s also always this small notebook with my dearest fountain pen (I can’t really write with biro pens, because my wrist gets very painful) and that small notebook holds everything: my future writing projects, my poems, my citations and quotes, my random shower thoughts but also just my grocery lists are in there.

So maybe it’s just the something that I write things down on? Maybe.


An 18-year-old Dutch student in social work, music enjoyer, addict to creativity, writer and more.

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