Daily prompt #9: What brings you peace?

What brings you peace?

Yeez. They do know how to ask the deep questions huh?

I’m usually a very laid-back person. My combination of ADHD and autism makes sure I’m always rambling though!

However, having peace is different from being calm. While being calm on the outside, even when not rambling aloud, my brain is always.

I used to have meds that literally stopped my brain from thinking so that I could sleep better, but that doesn’t bring peace either, does it?

Will I never have peace? Dramatic question. Yes I will, I can be at peace with my brain, with my rambling thoughts and those thoughts can be about very peaceful subjects too! So yes. I can find peace when my mind is at peace with itself. And in normal words: When I’m watching Netflix or taking a hot tub with my dark chocolate. Or when I’m just chilling in my bed.


An 18-year-old Dutch student in social work, music enjoyer, addict to creativity, writer and more.

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