Announcing #CARE4THEWORLD: Action

Hi! This post won’t take up much time, I promise! The only thing I want to share is a new way of how #CARE4THEWORLD works. #CARE4THEWORLD should be influenced by more people to represent it. That’s why, I announce these links: YES, those are Signal and Discord invintations! From now on, #CARE4THEWORLD:ACTION will be influenced… Continue reading Announcing #CARE4THEWORLD: Action

De echte effecten van corona

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Inmiddels al meer dan een jaar geleden schreef ik, dat mensen zich voorzichtiger moesten gedragen. Dat mensen zich onsterfelijk waanden of gewoon simpelweg koppig waren. En dat die mensen daarmee het echte gevaar waren. Mensen vinden dat de lockdown, en maatregelen onzin zijn, ongezond voor ons zijn, en sommigen lijken zelfs te denken dat lockdown… Continue reading De echte effecten van corona

Let’s unite this world

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Let me please start saying this: I’m not American and although I have black genes, I’m not a person of color either. I’m a European who is very concerned with everyone around the world, and I’ve always been against racism, but too afraid to speak up, and never witnessed it in real life myself. But… Continue reading Let’s unite this world

Introducing you to Project HWI

Some years ago while studying, I just couldn’t concentrate myself. I started searching for possible reasons, one of which being Wi-Fi. After performing some searches I stumbled upon some similar cases of people accusing Wi-Fi of losing concentration, getting no sleep, having headaches and even more. I don’t know what articles I saw back then,… Continue reading Introducing you to Project HWI